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Residential Painting Contractor

Residential Painting Contractor

JP Painting

Residential Painting

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We take special care to ensure you not only get a clean spectacular finish on the exterior of your property. We perform all the proper surface preparation and use quality paint, so the end product can withstand the elements. We have the capabilities to handle all the surfaces on the exterior of your property. From staining a fence, sealing your walkway, installing an overlay on your driveway or painting your house.


We are very respectful when entering the inside of your property. We take all precautions to protect everything from start to finish of the project. We know that your time is valuable, so we try to come up with a schedule to perform our tasks that works for every one involved. We use paints with low to no voc (Volatile organic compounds). These paints have no fumes during the drying process.

Garage Floor

Protecting your concrete floor to protect the surface and for ease of cleaning, is a good idea. The three main possibilities are Penetrating sealers and stains, this is the most economical and easiest application. This will require a new application about every three years on average.


Then there is polishing the concrete. This is the most labor intensive and possibly the most upfront cost. Finally we have epoxy and urethane coatings. The main things here are to ensure the surface preparation is done correctly and use a quality epoxy such as 100% solids and no voc. When these are done correctly the end result is beautiful and can last up to 10 years depending on traffic. This has the highest difficulty level out of the three.

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